Life Palliative Care Program

The Life Palliative Care Program through Stafford Services is designed to empower individuals with serious illnesses to live the lives they deserve. Palliative care recognizes that each person is unique and moves through disease processes individually. For individuals being actively treated for advanced diseases, palliative care services supplement those treatments to help manage pain and other disease symptoms. The palliative care team includes nurse practitioners, who support the medical needs of patients, and transitions of care coordinators, who are nurses and patient educators. The transitions of care coordinators work with palliative care patients to give them as much control as possible over their medical care and ensure that they understand their options and rights.


Advanced Care Planning

The Stafford Services nurse practitioners and transitions of care coordinators will assist patients with advanced care planning. Advanced care planning allows people to make their wishes known regarding treatments, medical interventions and end of life care. These are important conversations for everyone, but especially those being treated for serious illnesses or diseases. The Nurse Practitioners work with their treating physician to ensure that pain and symptoms are managed. The transitions of care coordinators are available to meet with palliative care patients and their families to educate and answer questions about treatment plans and options. The transitions of care coordinator will work directly with the physician and nurse practitioner to ensure that the medical treatment plan reflects those personal choices.


The Palliative Care Approach

The Life Palliative Care Program supports people in several key ways.

Dignity and Respect- Each person is valued as an individual and treated with dignity and respect

Independence- Individuals have as much control as possible over their lives and medical care plan

Choices- Everyone should make medical decisions based on clear and accurate information, even if that means making reasonable adjustments throughout the care and treatment process

Fulfillment- People with serious chronic illnesses are supported to lead full and purposeful lives with a clear understanding of their abilities

Patient Rights- People’s rights are always honored and respected – rights to safety, equality, confidentiality and privacy


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The Life Palliative Care program aims to serve patients and their families so they can feel supported and informed while undergoing curative treatments. Everyone deserves to be fully informed about their care and choices while being free from pain.