Bereavement Services

Continuum Care Hospice provides bereavement services to families for up to 13 months after the death of a loved one. These bereavement services can begin as early as admission, and follow through the loss of the loved one and the grieving process that continues afterward. All bereavement services are individually designed to fit the needs of each family.

Professionally trained staff and volunteers provide free of charge the following services:

  • Family support as the family experiences anticipatory grief prior to the death of their loved one and continuing on as they journey toward healing
  • Support at calling hours and at the funeral
  • Mailings
  • Phone calls
  • Home visits
  • Referrals to community grief services including support groups
  • Referrals to mental health services when appropriate
  • Memorial services to honor the life of loved ones

All bereavement services are also offered to anyone in the community requesting support in their grief process.

From our families:

“The staff at Continuum Care Hospice are wonderful. They took stress and worry away, prepared me for my Dad’s death and visited with my Dad and me up until and through the last few days”.

“The Continuum Care Hospice staff gave my family so much support immediately after my father’s death and for the next few months in which we all needed someone to visit and talk with”.

“The Continuum Care hospice team attended my Mom’s wake and funeral. It was wonderful to have them there. They helped my family tremendously as we dealt with our grief and loss”.